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December 12th

Dutch Winner Show Amsterdjowinner15am, The Winner starts with the Holland Cup Show on Friday. The Holland Cup started with Bakervill’s Style Illuminati -Joe-,   owner D. van Raamsdonk.  We where excited he was entered this day because he is 27 months now and this was the first opportunity for him to become Dutch Champion.

Well the little man did it with a Best of Breed. What more can one want? 🙂

On the Winnershow Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilly Snap appeared, and we can write another BEST OF BREED  on his impressive list

winner15Congrats 2 Rob & Simone van Os too of course for the results with their very nice female!

Once returned home, we realized that the last five years  the Winner Show’s Dogue de Bordeaux Best of Breed is obtained by a Bakervill’s Style dogue

2011 Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto-
2012 Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana -Morgan-
2013 Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto-
2014 Bakervill’s Style Hot Chili -Snap-
2015 Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilly – Snap-

Realizing this, we can only say  ♥wow – another what a year

December 2th

snap kessel 6 december 2015we traveled to Kassel – Germany. Our goal was to gain the last point needed for the German championship for Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap-. And he did it in (Bakervill’s) Style 😉  …. All points required for this title where gathered with only Best of Breeds, of course this is something worth mentioning and we are proud, so very proud ♥

November 9th

november 8th, What a great day at  International Dogshow in Bleiswijk, joebleiswijk2015
to start with the frenchie – Bakervill’s Style Illuminati -Joe- taking BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED, judged by Mr. Hans Boelaars (NL) with a fantastic critique. With this result Joe has more then enough points for his Dutch Championship title, but have till wait till 27 months. Joe is owned by our lovely friend D. van Raamsdonk Thanks everyone all for THE nice comments 😉
A big thanks to Jerry De Vries for THE nice pictures over & over again!

The follow up,  It is up to Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap- to present himself the best he can. Well he did well of course …. Fabulous results at the International Dogshow in Bleiswijk with our Dogue de Bordeaux – Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli “Snap” he also became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED and the cherry on the pie was Snap taking BEST IN GROUP 2, judged by Mr. J. Hiddes from THE Netherlands.

He keeps on surprising us with win after win…… !!!


November 29th


For the Molosser Lover, maybe the nicest Dutch show, at least in our opinion. We enjoy it time after time for many years already! As many people might know this is a bi-annual show. And in some way the atmosphere is always nice and friendly. Always a fantastic organization, and of course many Molossers to have a look at!Dogachtigen 2015 ipv groepsfoto

Anyway, this year the Dogue de Bordeaux judge invited for this show was the breedspecialist Mr. Jesus Sanchez Pardo from Spain, it is nice to see him judge, the only minor problem was translating, since at the start of the day there where no ring stewards who understood Spanish, so from time to time judging took a bit long. Well later that day this problem was resolved.


We had a great day anyway, and that is mainly because ……….

The most beautiful results on THE biggest Molossershow in THE world with our Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap-


After many big wins of Snap, winning the BOB on  this show was on our bucketlist, well we maybe still having another one -how about Best in Show?- 🙂 just a joke guys 🙂 . We are very very pleased with his third Best in Show-placement, behind  a Bullmastiff 1st & an English Bulldog 2th, our Snap was placed 3th.

We thank Mr Sanchéz Pardo for his impressive critique and lovely words about Snap. Also a thank you towards the Best in Show judge,  Mr. J. Williams for making our Snap  3th BEST IN SHOW in a really nice line up. Another huge thank you is to THE organization for this spectacular show. We should remember, there are just volunteers spending many of their free hours putting together such a fantastic event. Visiting & joining this show should be on every Molosser loving person’s to do list. Enough words for now, put it in your 2017-calendar …..
The Dutch Molosser Show 2017….. ! Hope to see you on this show in two years!

October 3th

On the International Dogshow in Zwolle, judged by Mr. P.J. van Baaren-Grob, Bakervill’s Style Illuminati -Joe- received another BEST OF BREED!!

Zwolle Beste Reuzwolle2015

Well done Joe & Handler!! Congrats to the owners 🙂

Another BEST OF BREED, judge Mr. P. Rooseboom (BE) in Zwolle, and a third place in Group 2, judge Mr. V. van Raamsdonk
was for Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap-, Of course we are soooo proud again ….
Pictured on the left BOB and on the right 3th Place in Group 2

Zwolle 3e in groep 20151 Zwolle BOB 20151

September 20th

Italy here we come …… What a pleasure again for us to travel to Italy for the Clubmatch. The Sun, the people, the dogues and last but not least … the party 🙂 Another fantastic visit this year for us, even a bit more then that …….

We had a fantastic weekend in Italy and all was TOP !!!
THE great atmosphere on Saturday and the excellent food and of course THE lovely show on Sunday.radunobob2015

We want to thank all THE Italian friends for this unforgettable weekend, we really enjoyed it.
Let’s not forget to mention the dogues 😉 .
THE cracker Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli ‘Snap’ became BEST in SHOW under the German Molosser Specialist from Mr. Jürgen Sauer.
Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman ‘Pipo’ won Champions class females.

radfunobob11 raduno152 raduno315

Thanks all again and hope to meet soon again



September 15th

Continental Winner Show Belgium Libramont
After a unusual, rather long summer break we re-entered showring again at The Continental Winnershow in Libramont – Belgium. Results couldn’t be better, winning the double again. Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman “Pipo” became Best Female with the title “Continental Winner” and Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became Best Male and Best of Breed with the title “Continental Winner” and with this last point he became also Belgium Champion this all under Molosser Breedspecialist Mr. Victor Alexander Van Raamsdonk. Later in the afternoon our 5,5 years old boy “Toto” had to compete in the group and as always our boy didn’t let us down taking 2nd in group 2 behind a fabulous Leonberger. continentalwinnershow2015 belgiumThanx Jerry for the awesome picture!


A fantastic result booked by the Frenchies. Entering both brother & sister, Bakervill’s Style Irresistible -Hilly-, she became first intermediate class with a reserve CACIB and her brother Bakervill’s Style Illuminati -Joe- became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED under judge Mr. DRS. H.O. Hoenderken (NL).

Arnhem20152 arnhemjoe2015

At the end of the day Joe was picked with the best 8 in Group 9 under judge R. Doedijns.


A big congratulation to  Joe and his owner D. van Raamsdonk, what a lovely result! Furthermore congrats to all other winners.

The next day we went over to see the judging of the Dogues de Bordeaux and support our  lovely friends.


June 7th

On the international Dogshow In Oss (NL) we entered our youngster pummeloss2015

Back to Basic from House Lakki -Pummel-, and he made us more then proud on this fantastic day, BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED AND 5TH BEST IN GROUP 2.
Thank to the judges Mr. J. van Dijk – NL and Mr. P. Berchtold – A.Thank you all for the nice day again…… !!



May 24th

Looking back at a lovely weekend with our dogs and friends. On the Europa-Sieger Show Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman -Pipo- became Reserve Best Female and her brother Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap- became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED and got the title “Europa-Sieger 2015”

dortmund112015♥ Mom talking to Snap …. she always tells him he can do it ♥

dortmund151♥ Oke let’s go dad, she said we can do it, so let’s show it to Mom ♥

And yep we did another time here in Dortmunddortmund201511

Next Day Next Double  -again-
Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman -Pipo- became BEST FEMALE and her brother Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap- became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED and both got the title “Frühjahrssieger”.
And of course not to forget Also a big congrats to all the other winners on both days.

Our lovely Pipo waiting for her placement ♥


It was the 4th time in a row Snap BEST OF BREED in Dortmund.

Which means a little party after showtime with our lovely friends!

Dortmund 2015-11

May 20th

joehbcH.B.C. Clubshow Bakervill’s Style Illuminati -Joe- received A FIRST PLACEMENT intermediate class,

judged by Mrs. W.J.M. Weijmans-Strijbos.

Handled by his owner D. van Raamsdonk,

CM Joe11 CM joe21

congrats to you D. & Joe.

Jerry Thank you for the pictures.

Proud of Joe ♥


Antwerpen (BE)
The International Dogshow Antwerpen (BE) was another trip worth the long traveling 🙂
Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap- BEST MALE, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN GROUP 2 and last but not least……


Antwerpen 12015-2

Antwerpen 12015-1 Antwerpen 12015

But that’s not all … Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman -Pipo- became BEST FEMALE
and on top of all this they received their Qualification CRUFTS 2016

Antwerpen 12015-3


Just so hard to believe, but it really is true ………………. Our multichamp Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Tot0 received another Best Male (his third) and another BEST OF BREED  (his second) at the most prestigious Dog Show CRUFTS Our other champ Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman -Pipo- received a second placement in the Open Class Females, with a lovely critique, well it is hard to express how we feel with these results so we just enjoy them and share some pics

……… let’s start with some pics of the waiting ……..waitingcruftsworth every minute, even every second!!!


January 11th


We were delighted to enter our young boy Bakervill’s Style Hot Chilli -Snap- to the Top Dog of the Year 2014 Show, which is invitation only, after qualifying, as mentioned before. Snap qualified on several shows in 2014 and this day was his first time to compete with the top winning dogs of FCI group 2. Imagine, the invitation only is an honor already ……. what about …… this youngster in a theater on the catwalk took BEST IN GROUP 2. We where over the moon completely, what a start for a new year ……. 🙂 Our boy put the cherry on the cake from his previous show year 🙂

topdogsh15-1↑Where did everybody go? Wonder if we did such a spectacular job, the others just left the stage???↑


Well for us it is obvious, rather impressive 🙂

🙂 Of course it was party time afterwards 🙂 dovvvy4

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