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december -21th

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy

A fantastic Winnershow Amsterdam for our youngster Bakervill’s Style Oh Boy ‘Totti’. Both Totti & his handler -our dear friend Chantal- did a great job on his very first show. He gained the 🏆 Youth Winner 2018 title, became Reserve Best male & Best Junior in Breed. Judged by Mr F. Cochetti (It).

WOW, at his first show and at the age of 10 months. We are gratefull for the fantastic Partnership with Chantal van Raamsdonk & Dimitri Alexander van Raamsdonk.

Since Chantal & Totti are such a wonderful team we hope to have much more great shownews to share of ‘team Totti’    :-).

Judge Mr F. Cochetti (It)

November – 4th
Our homebred girl Bakervill’s Style Mambo Jambo “Mambo” became Dutch Champion in style with BEST FEMALE -BEST OF BREED and 3rd IN GrouP 👌 Thank you Mr. John Williams for the nice words in breed- and group-judging today.
Mambo is now qualified for the Top Dog of the Year 2018 for the second time in a row 💕💕💕

So proud to be at the Top Dog of the Year for the 7th time in a row with an own bred Bakervill’s Style dog.

Also a big congrats to all winners 👍

September – 29th

Less then a week after our rainy day with Pipo we entered the showring in Maastricht with Rolo and well our lovely boy Bakervill’s Style Mad Max ‘Rolo’ did a great job becoming BEST OF BREED at this International Dogshow, judged by Rob Douma (NL) Proud of him again!!

September – 23th

After a long and dry summer on the first rainy day in months Multi Champion Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman ‘Pipo’ was brought back in the showring at the Dutch Youngdog- and Senior Day organized by the B.D.C.N.

Although we had terrible weather, -spoiled dutchies- we enjoyed a lovely day.

Pipo made us proud again and showed her socks off and became BEST SENIOR IN SHOW 2018 ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to the judges Mr. P. Roosenboom & Mr. John Williams, Jerry De Vries for the pictures and not to forget the organisation 👍

september – 9th

As you might know, creating nice memories is something we do all the time. This year we visited the French Nationals without any dogues just to meet our dogue friends, well here is some years of Experience brought together in just one picture ♥

June – 24th

Our unique boy Bakervill’s Style Mad Max “Rolo” became BEST OF BREED on the International Dogshow Zwolle. After many many CAC’s (almost 20) finaly he had age to become DUTCH CHAMPION 🎉🎉🎉 We are realy proud on this GREAT boy ❤️❤️❤️

May – 13th

Michel went today to the International Dogshow Dortmund “EuropaSieger-Show” with our young girl Bakervill’s Style Mambo Jambo ‘Mambo’ with fantastic results 🎉🎉🎉
Mambo became BEST FEMALE and BEST OF BREED 👌
– Europasiegerin 2018
– Qualifited for Crufts 2019
Judge by breedspecialist Mr. J. Sauer – Germany
Big congrats to all other winners 👍 Next time I (Sandra) will be there again, I hope 😜

We start celebrating spring with an update of several months of news. We like to share our happy Dogues news of the first months of 2018.

Also news items have been added to our 2017 archives.

march – 9th


Back home from Crufts with a fantastic result on the magic green carpet. Our lovely girl Bakervill’s Style Mambo Jambo “Mambo” not even 2 years old became RESERVE BEST FEMALE on this very special show. Again a wonderful result for our kennel on Crufts. Almost all of our Crufts results are gained with our homebred dogues. Obviously this makes us even more proud <3 👌
– Honey Bee at Bakervill’s Style RCAC in 2011
– Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” BOB in 2013
– Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” BOS in 2014
– Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” BOB in 2015
– Bakervill’s Style Honkey Tonk Woman “Pipo”RCAC in 2015
– Bakervill’s Style Mambo Jambo “Mambo” RCAC in 2018 Honey Bee mother to Toto, grandmother to Pipo and great-grandmother to Mambo

👌We want to thank all the judges involved for these achievements throughout the years.

♥     How Cool This Is    ♥

Obviously we love the UK CRUFTS show :-

 March 4th

Bakervill’s Style Mad Max ‘Rolo‘ gained another BEST OF BREED, judged by Mr. J. Williams (NL)

We say: …
Thank you all for a very nice day in Groningen

February – 28th 

Finally it feels a bit like winter here in Holland, well the dogues just stick close together when it is cold outside, no problem ❤️❤️

Oeps …. Just a small problem, no room left for human family

January – 10th

Sunday “Dogue of the Year” two dogs qualified for this fantastic event 👌👌👌
Looking forward to this stylish event were the top dogs of the past year come together.
Looking forward to see you all ❤️❤️

We wish our visitors

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