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December 10th

Wijchen 20113thgrAfter a fantastic holiday and showweekend in Alicante, we had our last show of 2011 on the International Dogshow in Wijchen (NL).  For the 6th time in a row Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- took BEST OF BREED, at the end of the day Toto took 3th place in Group 2. This Toto is also qualified for the most exclusive show of the year in Holland “Dog of the Year 2011”.

We think that Toto is one the most winning dogs of 2011;
1. Groninger Junior Winner – 2. Dutch Junior Champion  – 3. Luxemburgs Junior Champion 4., 5., 6., Best Junior Dog on the Clubmatches in Belgium, Denmark and Holland, 7. Luxemburgs Junior Champion, 8. Junior World Winner, 9, Junior European Winner – BEST MALE, 10. Winner Junior Group 2 at the European Championship, 11.Lokers Winner, BEST OF BREED, 12. BEST OF BREED at the BIG Molossor Show in Holland,
13. Amsterdam Winner and BEST OF BREED & Qualified for; Crufts 2012 & Dog of the Year 2011

This all only on the age of 19 months old.
Should we be proud or …. Should we be proud? 🙂

Well we  are really proud of our lovely boy.We are thankful towards all judges who think so highly about our Toto.


December 5th

Back home from a fabulous weekend at the El Siscar Kennel in the South of Spain monstro2011
– Alicante. We were showing at the National & International Dogshow in Alicante. We took Bakervill´s Style el Monstro with us. He did great both day´s he became BEST OF BREED. It was nice seeing him again after the world show in Paris, where he became 3rd in Intermediate class. A big congratulations to the owners Jesus & Paqui,  he looks fantastic in shape!

Also Christian from Germany went to show with another brother Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle -Dutch- on the International Dogshow in Austria – Wells. And for Dutch also a BEST OF BREED…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dutch2011


November 29th

Last weekend we have had another wonderful day on the BIG WINNER SHOW in Amsterdam. Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- became 1st in Intermediate Class then went on taking BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED.He received the official title “WINNER 2011“.He was also selected by the last 10 in group 2. Judge Mr. Dick Baars from the Netherlands. Toto Winner 2011Picture made by Petra Tobben

Another Fantastic day for our kennel this november, International Dogshow in Bleiswijk (NL). Our boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- became winner in the Intermediate Class, won BEST MALE & BEST OF BREED, this under Mr. J. Schepers (NL). In the ring of honor he ended 8th place in group 2, this under Mr. Dawson-Phill.


October 20th

Christian BS2011On the  Bundessieger Show Dortmund in Germany: Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle -Dutch- won his class and became BundesJugendSieger 2011 and received his ticket for CRUFTS 2012!






October 4th

Last weekend on the International Dogshow in Zwolle – NL our boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto-  became Best Intermediate Male, BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED. His sister Bakervill’s Style Flower Power -Pink- did also a great job again and became Reserve Best Female. Judge: Mr. Sporr.

September 25th

Yesterday we went with Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- and his sister Bakervill’s Style Flower Power -Pink– to the international Dogshow in Maastricht (NL). We got some fantastic results again. Toto and became Best in Intermediate Class after that he became also BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED. Then our girl Pink won Best Junior Female and became RESERVE BEST FEMALE. Judged by Mrs. Helen Denis from France. In the ring of Honor, Toto was picked with the best 6 dogs in Group 2, not bad at all at the age of 16 months.

Furthermore Bakervill’s Style Extravaganza this weekend CHAMPION OF GIBRALTAR. She is out of the litter from Bakervill’s Style Wild River and Rozeldogue Templeson.  Thank you Joao for showing her and make her a Champion.

September 12th 

This years French Clubmatch we had  some great results…….
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- placed second in Junior Class Males – , Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle -Dutch- placed fifth in the same class – out of 23 males. Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted -Flabber– got third in Junior Class Females – out of 35 females.

And Michel handled the beautiful Dorsdorf Hummer and Michel took him all the way up up up:

first in Champion Class males after that he became Best Champion in Show and Best Male and BEST OF BREED.
We want to congratulate his proud owner Olga and of course the proud breeder Svetta……-XXX-

September 5th

We are over the moon with the result from our lovely boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- at the European Show in Leeuwarden – Holland. First he became EUROPEAN JUNIOR CHAMPION and after that he became BEST MALE and BEST JUNIOR. This all under breedspecialist Mr. Bas Bosch. In the ring the honor he became BEST IN GROUP 2 JUNIOR, this under Mr. John Williams.


With this result he achieved the triple
Junior Country Champion Holland & Luxemburg- Junior EUROPEAN Champion & Junior WORLD Champion
We want to thank all our friends for all their support, that means a lot to us.

August 29th

A wonderful weekend with all our friends from  around Europe, we realy enjoyed it…..!!!!
After the nice Bakervill-BBQ on the saterday evening we went over to the Dutch Clubmatch on the Sunday,
a typical Dutch really rainy Sunday……But luckily we were prepared very well and had some fantastic results with our dogs………;
Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted became second in Youth Class Bitches (21 bitches entered in this class)
Bakervill’s Style Flower Power became third in Youth Class Bitches (21 bitches entered in this class)
Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor became third in Intermediate Class Bitches (10 dogs entered in this class)
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy became third in Youth Class Males (12 dogs entered in this class)
And last but not least…………. Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle became first in Youth Class Males (12 dogs entered in this class)and after that he became RESERVE BEST MALE at the age of only 15 months old, after that he became also BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW.
kcm2011Thank you to Candy for the really nice pictures….!!!!

August 22th & 17th & 10th 
Bakervill’s Style Full Trottle was entered in Youth Class: Leipzig – Germany: , won his Class and became GERMAN YOUTH CHAMPION 
Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted with Rozeldogue -Flabber- Champ show – Bournemouth – England, became BEST FEMALE & BEST OF BREED.Bakervill’s Style Full-Trottle -Dutch- did an excellent job in Ludwigshafen – Germany last weekend,first he wins his class – Youth Class Males and later that day he became BEST OF BREED.

Congratulations again Ben….. &  Christian, fabulous results at the age of 15 months for the youngsters!!!!!!

August 9th

Junior World Champion Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted with Rozeldogue entered in 11 Championship- or breed shows and taking 10 1st places, including Junior World Winner in Paris 2011 from 34 females, and she takes; Best Puppy DDBC of GB, Best puppy WELKS Champ show! Owned in partnership with Ben Dunning. Sired by his male Midnight Express to Rozeldogue aka Victor and our female Honey Bee del Tridentum. Age of 15 months on the picture below.



July 21th Here some new pictures from our lovely boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” at the age of only 14.5 months old.Toto-SP2
Toto-SP Toto-SP1


July 18th

Lokeren – Belgium:

pinklokeren20111 nenalokeren2011

fantastic results again; Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” was 1st in Youth Class Males, Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena” was also 1st in Youth Class Females and beat her sister Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” who became 2nd in Youth Class Females. Then brother and sister had to come back for the BEST YOUTH DOG, Toto got the title. After that Toto came back for BEST of BREED and beat the female at the age of only 14 months old. This under the well-known and respected Breedspecialist Mr. Bas Bosch from Belgium. Toto & Nena got both the title LOKERS YOUTH WINNER and WINSTER

July 13th

“The World Dogshow” was a great day for our kennel;

Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted “Flabber” co-owned with Ben Dunning from Rozeldogue Kennel became Junior World Champion & her sister Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena” became Reserve Junior World Champion, last but not least their brother Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became also Junior World Champion and later  BEST JUNIOR on the World Winner Show. Bakervill’s Style el Monstro owned by Jesus & Paqui Sanchez Pardo from El Siscar Kennel became 3th place in Intermediate Class Males.

wds2011111So we are over the moon with these results……………thank you all for your support, that means a lot for us -XXXXXXXX-
An extra thank you to Ben and Jesus & Paqui for bringing the dogs over to Paris. Also our Bakervill’s Style Viski offspring did a fantastic job on the World Show: Dorsdorf Hummer – Best Male & Best of Breed, 3th in Group 2 and Best French Dog in Show.Dorsdorf Hillary – Reserve World Champion 21 June 2011. What a sunny sunday………..

June 21th

antastic results booked on the Belgium Clubmatch,  Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” . BEST YOUTH MALE and later he became BEST YOUTH DOG in show. This is the 3th time in a row that he became BEST YOUTH DOG in show. This after winning BEST YOUTH DOG on the Dutch Clubmatch & Danish Clubmatch and now Belgium Clubmatch!

June 6th

Back from a great show weekend in Denmark, we have had a realy great time with all our friends.
It was a nice organisation, great place, excellent food and super weather and atmosphere.
The first day was the clubmatch judged by Mr. Jesus Pardo from Spain, and we have some great results with our Bakervill Youngsters.
First we entered the ring with our boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” and he won Best Junior Male.
his sisters Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena” and Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” became 3th and 4th in Junior Class.
Later Toto became Best Junior and Best Junior in Show……!!!!!! dk11
The second day was a CAC show judged by Mrs. Annemarie Class from France.
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became again Best Junior Male and later 4th Best male in show.
The girls did also super …..Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena” became 4th in Junior Bitches and
Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” won Junior Class and became Reserve Best Female.


May 29th

On the 29th of may we have had an International Show in Oss – Holland,
it was a strange judging but luckily we have had a nice result with Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena”. She got the last point for her Dutch Youth Champion Title with winning Youth Class Female and Reserve Best Female. Now she is official Dutch Youth Champion. We are proud that 2 dog’s out of the last Bakervill’s-litter became Dutch Youth Champion with only 12 months old. Also Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted “Flabber” did a great job again with winning BEST JUNIOR on the Championship Dogshow in Bath on the 29th of may. Congratulations Ben Dunning……!!!!

May 22th

The weekend of the Dutch Clubmatch in Almere (NL), Our dogues were judged by: Mrs. S. Tompousky (FR) -males- and Mr. L. Denis (FR) -females-. Again we can look back at some  some fantastic results…..!!!!
We entered four of our youngsters from our last litter out of Honey Bee del Tridentum X Midnight Express at Rozeldogue.

Bakervill´s Style Flower Power -Pink- placed second and Bakervill’s Style FlabbergastedFlabber- (co-owned with Ben Dunning), third placement in Youth Class Females.Bakervill´s Style Fear Factor -Nena- she got 1st place in Breeders Class Females Bakervill´s Style Funky Boy -Toto- got 1st place in Youth Class males and later that that day he became BEST YOUTH DOG IN SHOW!


big thanks to all our friend for having a fantastic day together. Hope to see you all soon again.

May 15th 

Another great weekend with brother and sister doing another an excellent job at the shows.

Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- became BEST YOUTH MALE and got the final point for DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION today on the international show in Goes (NL).After this great result he became also RESERVE BEST MALE and this on the age of only 12 months old……… 🙂 Judge: Mr. Van Dijk – NL

Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted -Flabber- takes BEST FEMALE PUP and got BEST PUPPY in SHOW at the DDBC (Clubmatch) of Great Britain. Congratulations Ben with this fantastic result…….!!!! Judge: Mrs. B. Graham (GB).

April 25th

International show in Leeuwarden (NL) fantastic results for the Bakervill’s-Youngsters;
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” got first place in Youth Class and got RESERVE BEST MALE and his sister B
Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor “Nena” became also first in Youth Class, BEST FEMALE & BEST OF BREED and this at the age of only 11 months old.We are so proud and want to thanks to the judge Mrs. Annet Wijnsouw – NL for these super results.

April 17th

Last sunday was the Youth Dog Day from the BDCN this time in the middle of Holland – Nieuwegein. This is a nice event for dogs between 3 and 24 months old. We had 6 dogs entered from our last litter (combination Honey Bee del Tridentum X Midnight Express at Rozeldogue).
We got some fantastic results:
Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted became Best Bitch in the Class 10-14 months.
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy became Best Male in the Class 10-14 months.
We also entered the  kennelparade and we got an excellent judgement for our kennel.

It was a nice day and we want to thank also the people who helped us out with showing all our dogs.Thank you Alan Bates, Jannie Siem en Rob van Os. And a big congratulation to Ben Dunning for his great result with Flabber….!!!

April 10th

Our French Bulldog Ushi van Wilcora -Pip- was entered on the Champions Clubmatch from the Dutch French Bulldog Club.
She was entered in the Intermediate Class and she had a really nice result, winning her Class with an excellent critique.
Judged by Mrs. Ratton (FR).


We went to the International show in Luxemburg, this time with Honey Bee del Tridentum and her son Bakervill´s Style Funky Boy -Toto- and both made us very proud.Honey Bee became Best Female and got the title Luxemburg´s Champion and her son Toto became Best Youth Class Male and got the title Luxemburg´s Youth Champion. They both are qualifed for Crufts 2012.

Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted “Flabber” was shown at the English Clubmatch and got a fantastic result and she won Best Female at the Youth Class. Thank you Ben for showing this wonderful girl.

March 20th,

On the International Dogshow in Leiden Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- was placed second in youth class and his sister Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor -Nena- placed first in Youth Class and became Reserve Best Female. It was the other way around two weeks earlier in Groningen (NL).

Picture of both youngsters:

leiden_groningen leiden_groningen2

Bakervill’s Style Full Trottle “Dutch” became Best Youth Class Male, Best Male and Best of Breed on the International Show in München – Germany. He was selected with last 10 in Group 2……..!! Congratulations Christian with this great result.

March 13th

Crufts 2011, The biggest dogshow in the world. We had been qualified for Crufts several times, but the breed was not officialy accepted by the English Kennel Club, so no possibility to enter at that time. Our qualified dogues were Toezzz, Calaix, Vienna, Viski and Blackx.. Well this year it is finally possible to enter and  the honor of our very first Crufts entry was for our beautiful Toezzz daughter Honey Bee del Tridentum. She received her qualification by winning  Best of Breed on the BundesSieger Show in Dortmund.
crufts2011The  big day ….. first time showing a dog on Crufts…… 🙂
(we really had no idea about our dogues future at Crufts)

There where many dogues entered, 54 males and 80 females. Honey Bee received a second place Open Class Females, and at the end of the day she received the Reserve Best Female Crufts 2011. We were over the moon with this result and it was an immediate qualification for next years Crufts Show! She was judged by Adrian Bicknell.

March 5th

We entered two youngsters on the Groningen International Show (NL). Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto-, placed first in Youth Class, which titled him Groninger Youth Winner and his sister Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor -Nena- became second in Youth Class.

February 12th

Another great weekend for our kennel; Bakervill’s Style Fiddle Dee Dee -Nora- became BEST OF BREED PUPPY and her sister Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana -Morgan– did just the same, BEST OF BREED PUPPY. This time on a show in Germany and got the title Jüngsten Siegerin Rheinberg
We are sooooo proud on this excellent results. A big congratulations to the owners;

February 6th

A fantastic weekend on show for our kennel Bakervill’s Style; on the International Show in Eindhoven Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana “Morgan” became BEST PUP and her sister Bakervill’s Style Fiddle Dee Dee “Nora” became this weekend 2 times BEST PUP on the show in Norway. We are so happy with this fantastic results. They are at the moment 8 months old. Congratulations to the owners: Laila & Espe and Rob & Simone!


January 16th 

Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle -Dutch-, was entered on his second show, and gained another first placement!
This was in Nurnberg (Germany),
Congratulations Christian with this fantastic result….. keep on going our friend

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