Pawprints in our Hearts

♥ Pawprints in our Hearts ♥
1996  –  2016

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I miss you
Until we meet again

The footprints our beloved dogues left in our hearts are there to stay and  are so very special and precious to us.  The toughest part of loving dogues is saying goodbye after a life of affection, trust, true friendship and unconditional dedication and love.  Each of our Dogues is an individual to us, and those who are no longer amongst us are remembered with sometimes sadness and a tear, but mostly our memories are full of happiness, a smile and lots of love for each and everyone with their own special personality. To read some more about our beloved dogues from the past, we advice you to have a look at the archives. In our opinion it is nice to dedicate this memorie-page with a small poem and some pictures ♥


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