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December 12th

BRUSSEL DOGSHOW: A perfect at the Brussels Winner Show 2012 (Belgium) Brussel. This days judge – breedspecialist Mr. Bas Bosch (Belgium).
We are very proud of the results booked;
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became BEST MALE & received the title BRUSSELS WINNER 2012 and is hereby qualified for Crufts 2013. It was Toto’s last show for this year…… sooo he can relax a little bit 🙂 and prepare
Bakervill’s Style Honey Tonk Woman “Pipo” became BEST PUPPY and selected with the best 6 in the ring on honor.
We appreciated the support again 🙂

November 24th
AMSTERDAM WINNER SHOW: This years famous Amsterdam Winner Show was another nice show for us, our Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana -Morgan- who we co-own with our good friends Rob en Simone became BEST FEMALE & BEST OF BREED. Morgan is qualified for Crufts 2013
(Like her brother Toto 🙂 ).winner 2012

October 21th
After getting a Reserve Best in Group at the biggest show in Germany “Bundessieger- Dortmund”, yesterday was another amazing day for us, the International Dogshow in Utrecht (NL) Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy -Toto- taking BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED under the well respected judge Mr. John Williams (NL). This time he pushed it to a 3th PLACE in BREEDGROUP 2, under breedspecialist Mr. Victor van Raamsdonk. Toto beat his wonderful sister Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana -Morgan- (who we co-own with Rob en Simone van Os) for Best of Breed, the BEST FEMALE this day. she received her last point for the title DUTCH CHAMPION. Reserve Best Female is the sister to both winners – Bakervill’s Style Fear Factor -Nena-. We want to thank Ernst von Scheven for making the wonderfull picture of Toto on stage.


October 14thDortmund 2012

Yesterday we woke up early to go to the International Dogshow in Dortmund-Germany “Bunderssieger 2012”. The biggest show in Germany. We entered our boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” and it turned out to be a long day. First he won Open Class, after that he became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED.With this win he got a official title “BUNDESSIEGER 2012” Under well respected judge Mrs. Annet Wijnsouw from Holland. After getting these results Toto is also INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. Finally the end of the day it was time for the main ring and with some amazing result……. TOTO became RESERVE IN GROUP 2 under judge Mr. Karl Reisinger from Austria.
Thank Rick, Sabrina, Edwin, Naomi for your support in the ring of honor.



October 7th

A muddy show on the International show in Zwolle (NL), we had a great result.
Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED. Judged by Mr. Dick Baars (NL).


August 26th

Finally the right age for his title: Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” –DUTCH CHAMPION-




Toto titels2012Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy’s titles SoFar … :
Groninger Youth Winner- Dutch Youth Champion- Luxemburg Youth Champion- Best Youth Dog on Dutch Clubmatch- Best Youth Dog on Danish Clubmatch- Best Youth Dog on Belgium Clubmatch- Junior World Champion & Best Junior- Lokers Youth Winner – Junior European Champion & Best Junior in Group 2- Best of Breed on the Biggest Molossor Show in the World & 6th Best in show- Winner 2012 Best of Breed Danish Clubmatch – Best of Breed Swiss Clubmatch and BEST IN SHOW all breeds- Best of Breed on the Dutch Young Dog Day- Best of Breed Dutch Clubmatch – Dutch Champion- Danish Champion

We want to thank all the judges who brought him to this high level!! our lovely boy “Toto” and think so highly about him.
And of course a big thank to all our friends who have been supporting us -xxxx-

August 26th

Yesterday we started with the “Bakervill BBQ” with some fantastic friends from all over Europe. Today we have had the Dutch Clubmatch and we had some fantastic results…….. Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” won Open Class Males, BEST MALE and BEST in SHOW “CLUBWINNER 2012” and with this result he is also DUTCH & DANISH CHAMPION. Also his sister Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” became Best Female in Breedersclass……..



we are over the moon with these results.
We want to thank the judges Mr. Jurgen Sauer and Mrs. Annemarie Class for thinking so highly about our dogs.

July 7th

Today on the Danish Clubmatch we had some super results again on the super organized show in Tarm with perfect weather, 24 degrees and sunshine. Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became BEST IN SHOW and his sister Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana “Morgan” became BEST FEMALE, we have her in co-ownership with our good friends Rob & Simone van Os. Up to a nice party evening! Also a great result on the German Clubmatch Bakervill’s Style Full Trottle became Reserve Best Male…..congratulations to everyone!!Deens Clubmatch2012

What a Day what a Day…………….

June 17th

So proud on Bakervill’s Style Fiddle Dee Dee, who became yesterday BEST FEMALE and BEST OF BREED on a show in Norway. Thank you Laila & Espen for showing her…..!!!

June 11th

Yesterday again a great show-day this time in Holland on the International show in Hulten. Judge Mr. J. van Dijk – NL. We won Open Class and became BEST MALE and BEST OF BREED with our fantastic boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto”. In the ring the honor he was selected between the last 12 in group 2.


May 28th

On the International show in Arnhem (NL) our beautiful girl Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana -Morgan- did also an excellent job.She became BEST FEMALE and BEST OF BREED and later she was selected between the last 8 in group 2.
What a weekend………… Top job Rob…..

May 26th

Today was the international Dogshow in Madrid – Spain (Obligatory point for Championship). Monstro did a great job and became BEST MALE and even BEST OF BREED. With this point he is official Champion of Spain. We are so proud of this lovely boy. Also a big congratulation to our special friends Jesus & Paqui, thank you for the great work you did with him

May 21th 
Last weekend was the World Dog Show, this time in Salzburg – Austria. It is a really nice country and city to stay. On the sunday was the World Dog Show and it was a nice and warm day. We went with 2 dogs: Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto”and his sister Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” .Both did an excellent job on this big show;Toto became BEST OPEN CLASS MALE (24 dogs entered)and his sister Pink became 3th in OPEN CLASS FEMALES (38 females entered) and both are just 2 years old. Toto was handled by Naomi van Mourik, she did such a great job. So we are really happy with these excellent results.

wds12 wds2012

It was nice to meet everyone again…………….
a special congratulations to Olga Golovko she became World Winner with Hummer, son of our special boy Bakervill’s Style Viski.

May 7th

Yesterday on the International Show in Denmark Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana “Morgan” became BEST FEMALE.Morgan2012

A big thank to Rob for showing our wonderfull girl

May 1th,


The day before yesterday was the Young Dog Day from the Dutch Dogue de Bordeauxclub (BDCN). There were 143 dogs entered. We got some fantastic results again. BEST FEMALE Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted “Flabber” who we co-own with Ben Dunning and BEST MALE and BEST IN SHOW Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto“, handled by Naomi van Mourik. The other Bakervill’s dogs were all short listed(Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” – Bakervill’s Style Full Trottle “Dutch & Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana “Morgan”). A big thank to the judges; Matthew Spinks & Adrian Bicknell from England. So we have had a super day. We want to thank all our lovely friends for a nice weekend together, we really enjoyed. And at least a big thank to Naomi for handling Toto so well -X-



April  24th

Last weekend we went over for a nice weekend together in the Switzerland to compete in the Swiss Molosser Club Match. We took two dogs with us “Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy” and his sister “Bakervill’s Style Flower Power”. The show was in a really nice authentic building, perfect for show and dogs. The dogue de Bordeaux’s were judged by Mr. Bas Bosch. Three dogues from our kennel where entered. Bakervill’s Style Full Trottle “Dutch” became first in Intermediate Class and RESERVE BEST MALE. Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” became first in Open Class and BEST MALE and the sister to both boys Bakervill’s Style Flower Power “Pink” became 1st in Intermediate Class and BEST FEMALE, later that day Toto and Pink had to compete for BEST OF BREED and Toto took the title. In the ring the honor we were picked for BEST PRODUCER judged by both judges; Mr. Bas Bosch and Mr. Günter Ehrenreich from Austria. And then there was the final against all the other Best of Breeds…… for Best in Show….. judged by Mr. Günter Ehrenreich… .”TOTO” – BEST IN SHOW.

suisse2012-1 suisse2012-2

April 10th 

International Dogshow in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands).Two Bakervill’s-dogs were entered. First the males has to go …..Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” won his class “Intermediate Males” after that he became BEST MALE. Then the females were on –Bakervill’s Style Fata Morgana “Morgan” who we co-own with our good friends Rob & Simone van Os, won her Class “Open Females” and became BEST FEMALE. So brother and sister has to compete for BEST OF BREED, so that was really nice to see…… was a difficult decision for the judge (Mrs I. Dahle from Norway)…….TOTO – BEST OF BREED and after that he became 5th in group 2, judged by Mr. F. Klindrup from Denmark. So this was a fantastic day for our kennel again and a big thank to the judges.Leeuwarden-22012

And thanks to Rob van Os for showing the wonderfull Morgan……. -X-

March 18th 

Yesterday was the International show in Leiden (NL) and again it was a very nice day for our boy Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto”. first he became Best Intermediate Class male (handled by Sandra 🙂 ) sanleiden2012after that leiden2012naomiNaomi van Mourik handled Toto for Best Male and Best of Breed and take both titles. Thank you Naomi for handling Toto so well and of course a big thank to the judge Mrs. Annette Wijnsouw from the Netherlands.


March 12th

Crufts2012Last weekend we had the show in England “Crufts” a fantastic show to be. We have had a fantastic weekend with some lovely friends around Europe, always looking forward to be together. On the show we have a great results with Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto”, he became 3th place in Open Class males and his sister Bakervill’s Style Flabbergasted “Flabber”, who we co-own with our good friend Ben Dunning became 4th place in a class with 43 females. So we can we proud again of this fantastic litter.


March 4th

A Bakervill’s weekend around Europe……. 🙂


First we get the message from Laila & Espen that Bakervill’s Style Fiddle Dee Dee “Nora” became Best Female & Best of Breed yesterday on the show in Norway.
Today the “Dutch Adams family” did an excellent job in Holland and takes the double……so Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy became Best Male & and his sister Bakervill’s Style Fata morgana “Morgan” who we co-own with Rob & Simone van Os became Best Female and Best of Breed. Also at the same time we get a message from Christian Hartman – Germany that Bakervill’s Style Full Throttle “Dutch” became Best Male and Best of Breed at the show in Munich. So we can thank all the owners for these fantastic results…..we are really proud on this fantastic litter these dogs are all brother & sisters…..!!!!

February 26th

Dogue of the year 5Back home from a special show in Holland “Dog of the Year” you must be qualified for this show in 2011. Toto was one of them and one of the youngest. We are really proud that he could be a part of the wonderful show. We went in the ring for group 2 against some top dogs from other breeds (Toto was the only Dogue de Bordeaux). Toto thought that it was a play garden or Michel gave him to much kangaroo-meat, because he was jumping and playing on the catwalk. Checking out all the photographers …….. 🙂 but he enjoyed it. He was placed with the last 6 top dogs in group 2. So we are very happy with this result on such a young age.



January 12th 

We had a great start of the year with showing Bakervill’s Style Funky Boy “Toto” this time in Belgium on the International Dogshow in Hoogstraten. Judged by: Mr. J. Schepers from Holland. First Toto won Best Intermediate Class Male, BEST MALE and after that BEST OF BREED. We went for the group 2, Naomi van Mourik handled him. She had a fantastic result and became 2nd in group 2.judged by: Mr. P. Roosenboom from Belgium. BEST OF BREED Hoogstraten2012


So we are really proud on Naomi and Toto

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